Check Milestones and Counselling Aid

1W - 5W Access and encorage EXCLUSIVE breast feeding
1W - lM Nothing besides breast milk is needed until 6months
10th Week Smiles at people
2M - 3M Turns towards the origin of sound
End of 3rd Month Supports Head
5M - 8M Start veracity of complementary foods at 6months. At the end of 6th month rolls over, turns head to follow the sound.
End of 9th month Sits, pinches, imitates.
End of 10th Month Crawls & bangs objects to make noise.
1st Year Stands and walk with supports.
1Y 3M Uses name for 'Mom' & 'Dad' correctly.
1Y 6M Uses few words.
1Y 9M Walks upstairs with hand held.
2Y Climbs well, uses two word phrases.
2Y - 5Y Continue to encourage the child to eat a variety of nutritious food 3 times a day including fruits, meat, eggs, beans & pulses, dark green vegetables.
2Y 3M - 5Y Child should know some colors by 3years, and speech should be understandable at 4years, child should be able to write name by 5years.

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