What is PCC?

Precious Childcare & Citizencare is an online service that lets you to be updated with your children vaccination/immunization schedule, upload, store, share, print your stored Health Information for you and your family members. By maintaining your health record online you can easily recollect your past health information for better medication easily within a split of seconds. And you have complete control of you and your family Health information, diagnosed diseases, treatments, medications prescribed in past etc.

Store complete Health information at one place
Maintain individual Health Record for you and every family member separately with one user name & email address. Store your total family memberís health conditions, medications in the past and present; scanned copies of medical documents and keep them available 24x7 days and avail info in case of emergency situations. Enter your past and present medical history, previous family medical history (such as allergies, heart diseases, past surgeries etc. if any). Enter immunizations done in the past and keep update of the due immunizations. Access your medical records (with mobile, tab, iPod, desktop, laptop electronic systems etc.) through internet. Print your medical information for sharing purpose with healthcare provider or caregivers. And also for second opinion. Send a copy of medical information by online to your healthcare provider.

Much useful in emergency situations
Create an emergency account for any of your family member at any time in emergency and make available medical record to their healthcare provider to get best medication, which is the most critical in taking decisions perfectly for a doctor or healthcare provider. Especially for members history of diabetes, heart, asthma, allergy etc.

Maintaining Health Information
Here PCC application lets you to upload or store your family memberís medical records (Health related information) online and make them available for you. Health information is very useful to healthcare provider or caregiver, when serious situations occur, in order to provide a better treatment. You can store all kinds of information like medical documents, reports, X-rays, CT scans, Ultrasounds, MRI etc.

About PCC

Precious Childcare &Citizencare (www.pcccare.com) helps you to know and store the immunization schedules(whatever country are from - PCC automatically displays WHO recommended immunization Schedules) , store, use, share and collect your health information including MRI scans, X-ray images, CT scans, Ultrasounds etc.

PCC for below 18 years

Immunization schedules/updates
PCC is especially for people below 18 years of age. Our motto is let you know the Vaccination schedule details that has to be done, especially those are recommended by World Health Organization, according to the Country they live (Worldwide). We will send sms alerts regarding next vaccination schedules and its description.

De-worming schedules
From child birth every baby will be fed with milk, with sugar mixed, chocolates, and other sugar mixed items. So obviously worms form and in some cases worms may influence the baby growth seriously. Though it is a small problem, if neglected may lead to anaemia and other problems incidental to it. So healthcare providers recommend de-worming for every six months. In some cases for every three months.

Note:While de-worming we recommend Homeopathy, which deals this issue without any (harm to the bacteria that is useful to human growth) reactions.

Teaching Aid for parents of below 18 years age group
Teaching-aid which helps parents understanding their children more easily and let parents observe, understand (physically and psychologically) and help their children in attaining skills to lead a better life in future.

PCC for 18 years to 80s and above
Guidelines for understanding to age group above 18 to 80 and above years. We have divided them into different categories according their age group. Here you can upload, store, use, print, share your health information with a caregivers or healthcare provider. You can upload scanned documents like medical prescriptions, discharge summaries, images of MRI scan copies, x-rays, CT scans, Ultrasounds etc. Many more coming soon.

Your PCC account?

PCC is accessible with all standard browsers. Like Internet Explorer, Google chrome, Firefox, opera etc.
Your Internet provider's service fee may apply to use PCC account.
Your PCC account remains your own. You can decide what and when to upload and save in it.
You have to update regularly if you want to get more benefits from PCC account (completely depends upon your activity regarding health information).
PCC does not charge user for PCC accounts and records (excluding internet charges).

Why PCC for you?

Here you can upload, store, save, or edit, share, print yours and your family members health information in one account for all family members (with different identity numbers). Another important facility is you can maintain your children's vaccination schedules/updates etc. Maintaining a health record for your children is a valuable gift you are gifting yourchildren, which is very much essential for their healthy life in future.

Account for family?

If you wish to maintain one account for your complete family?
You can register your username with your email address with secured password. Them you will get a confirmation email to your given email address, once you confirm this by clicking the link. You can login to PCC and open your family account. Means you can save your family members health information separately with separate identity numbers, step by step (image insert )spending a few minutes of time.

Privacy and Security

How does PCC secure my health information safe and private?
PCC gives highest priority and maintains the highest standards at PCC development process to secure consumer health information from damage, theft or loss.
PCC does not use your information to personalize any advertisements or anything without clear permission.
PCC maintains standards in securing your account (health information) and allows you to manage accessibility. The only way to give access to others is you have to share your user name and password.
If you wish to disable the permission to access your PCC account, you simply have to change password ... thatís enough. Or simply save the copy on a folder and share only that copy to your caregiver or healthcare provider.
Additionally PCC servers are located in controlled facilities. All health information transmitted between PCC servers and program provider's system is encrypted.
Please read thoroughly PCC privacy statement for more information regarding privacy and security. If we determine there might have been a breach of your account, we will notify you via the contact information you have provided in your account. We will take actions possibly including blocking or suspending access to your account.

Your Health information?

Now a day's every common man maintains a bank account, Facebook account, Twitter account, etc. But ,if you raise a question how many of them are having health information in one account or family members health record at one place and make available online? In case of emergencies when occurred, the answer is simple ...we did not think about it. OR Is it possible? Is there a solution that is free of cost? Simple answer for all is Precious Childcare &Citizencare. Website address: www.pcccare.com. Here you can upload, store, save, or edit, share, print your and your family members health information in one account for all family members (with different identity numbers). Here another important facility is you can update your children's vaccination schedules/updates etc. Maintaining a health record for your children is a valuable gift you are giving to your children, which is very much essential for their better healthier life.

Sharing Health Information

You select what health information to share or print (Keeping in mind that you have to be careful & cautious in this regard..... coz you cannot guess what information is necessary for your caregiver or healthcare provider regarding your health issues completely).

PCC benefits?

Vaccination schedules updates, sms alerts, and understanding child psychology (teaching aid), to support children grow better. You can save a detailed record for vaccination.
Store past medical history, present health status, especially while surgeries, hospitalization issues, discharge summary reports, images of x-rays, MRI scan, CT scan, Ultrasounds reports etc. Medical Records are also very useful for claiming insurance and other expenses etc.

Preparing for Emergencies

When a person gets hospitalized at non-local area, having some past medical history (brain surgeries, heart disease, allergy, asthma, thyroid, fractures etc.) without past medical information caregivers cannot prescribe medical support or take right decision in case of health emergencies. Similarly such unforeseen incidents may occur to you or your family members or friends etc.

Is PCC service free? OR How much does I have to pay for PCC service?

PCC does not charge its users for PCC individual accounts or family accounts. It's completely free of service.

How to use PCC account?

Just register with username, email address and choose a password. You will be sent a confirmation mail to your email id which will in a register form. Now you can sign in and complete the details required in the form, which are most useful for you in future (in emergency). It takes only 1 or 2 minutes to complete, if details are with you. After filling the form you have to click the submit button (to save your filled details). Now you will be given a unique id no for yourself. In the same account if you want to save or add your family member's account then you have to select new child button, located at the top of the screen. Then you have to fill that form for your desired family member (no need to logout and login or register again and again) and save those details by clicking the submit button.

Note : You can edit your submitted details at any time according to changes in health conditions.

Customer Support

If you need any more information regarding PCC please feel free and mail us at info@pcccare.com

What's new in PCC?

By using PCC you'll definitely notice that it has a new features and will feel easier to use this Web Application and Mobile Application (coming soon), YouTube videos and many more exclusively to help and assist registered users.

Print your Medical Record?
They are few ways to print your Health Information. Ctrl+P and Print. / Right Click Mouse on Website and then Print.
PCC teaching-aid

You will definitely be very happy with our Mobile app, YouTube videos (coming soon) which will help you in understanding your children, parents and help them to lead a happy life further.